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‘I worked with Rajan at Citizens Advice during the 90’s and haven’t been able to shake him since! He fundamentally ‘gets’ the voluntary sector and as we tried to make a difference against so many tides he focused on protecting the resources in the sector that really matter – the people. If you want to stay true to your values and achieve your goals he’s a great person to remind you of the skills you have to do just that.’ 

Helen Voce, Chief Executive, Nottingham Community and Voluntary Service

- experience and training
  • Rajan has coached managers and leaders in the not for profit sector for many years, including training people in developing their own coaching skills. In 2009 he started his own coaching practice, with clients based in the private, public and voluntary sectors
  • His career includes senior management team experience, and national recognition for innovative contributions to fields spanning social entrepreneurship, grant-making, inter-agency collaboration, leadership development and community engagement
  • Rajan’s comprehensive eighteen month coach training, accredited with the International Coach Federation (ICF), was with the ICF Master Coaches Jan Elfline and Ian McDermott
  • His training was conducted by the highly regarded provider International Teaching Seminars (ITS), with whom he also qualified as a Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
  • For more information on ICF: and ITS: 

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