verve&values coaching
for life-enhancing people
doing world-enriching things

‘Rajan is unique. He has a special ability to explore ideas and motivations in an insightful and meaningful way. 

This is built on his extensive experience and his ability for pro-active reflection.’

Bruce Lloyd, Professor of Strategic Management, London South Bank University

welcome to verve&values coaching

  • working with individuals and organisations driven by their values
  • clients based in charities, INGOs, the public and private sectors
  • specialising in providing flexible and affordable in-house coaching

Coaching gives people structured time and space to assist them in making careful, conscious decisions. 

It works best when complementing effective management, not replacing it.

I believe it can prove an immensely powerful tool: supporting value-driven individuals to build and sustain organisations that make a genuine difference in our society, and in societies throughout the world.


Rajan Rasaiah, verve&values coaching  

Tel: 0771 962 7176 or e-mail:

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