verve&values coaching
for life-enhancing people
doing world-enriching things

Rajan is very insightful and has helped me to focus on what’s really important both from a personal 

and work perspective. With his help I have become more productive and focused and creative. 

The cost benefits of working with Rajan are very heavily balanced on the positive side of the equation.’

Kevin McGee, Chief Executive, George Eliot Hospital

Former Chief Executive, Heart of Birmingham NHS Teaching Primary Care Trust

- in-house coaching - the advantages

A Working Relationship with your Charity or Service. Developing trust 
with staff members, absorbing culture and values

Constant EvaluationSo you can see the impact of coaching interventions 
over time, both formally and informally

AccessibleEnsuring that all members of staff - not just senior management, 
or employees with challenges - can benefit

Flexible Approaches. One-off ‘drop in’ sessions or regular, tailored 
programmed coaching for individual staff members

Affordable. Pricing structure that reflects more closely the cost of releasing an experienced 
manager in your organisation, rather than a standard hourly consultancy rate

Small Client Group. Building relationships with a small number of clients, 
maintaining continuity and flexibility for your needs

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