verve&values coaching
for life-enhancing people
doing world-enriching things

‘I have worked with Rajan on and off for nearly 20 years. He is reliable, supportive, bright, constructive and analytical. 

He is fun to work with and to be around.’

Bernie Morgan, Entrepreneur 

Former Chief Executive, Community Development Finance Association

Former Acting Chief Executive, Association of Charitable Foundations

In-house coaching taster sessions: for your organisation

  • Book up to a three hour free in-house taster session
  • Experience an in-depth coaching intake session, sample NLP interventions, and a ‘one-off’ thirty minute coaching session
  • Receive a follow-up call to talk through how your team found the session. Your feedback and Rajan’s own reflections returned as a written report
  • You will have the action research in place to make judgments on the potential value and impact of taking on an in-house coach

For more information on
verve&values coaching, services for individual clients and organisations, and details on how to book your free in-house coaching taster session 

Rajan Rasaiah
  tel: 0771 962 7176  or e-mail

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