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Testimonials from colleagues and clients across the sectors:

'Rajan is first of all a listener, a quality not to be underestimated in the training and consulting world. He doesn’t have a predefined agenda, but will work with you and your organization to understand your needs and your vision for the future, and then is able to guide you through the challenges and hard choices through a unique mix of passion and zen. If you need motivation and change for you or your company, Rajan is the choice. And be sure, there is no hidden agenda or hidden lucrative goals behind.’

Francesco Ambrogetti, Fundraising Advisor, UNAIDS

'I have known and worked with Rajan for a good many years. He is one of most insightful and perceptive people I know. He offers us all a vision of what life should and could be like where work is measured not by the harvest you reap – but by the seeds you plant.’ 

Chris Perks, Strategic Lead, Sport England 

‘Exceptional insight, an intuitive sense of what needs to happen to create change and a commitment to what is fair are the cornerstones of Rajan's approach. He will never impose his views but probably should - he is able to see solutions to some of the most intractable difficulties, both personal and professional....everyone could do with a Rajan, whether they know it or not.’  

Beverly Knight, Partnership Officer (Harm Reduction), West Sussex County Council

‘Rajan’s coaching approach is sourced from his complete belief in the brilliance of every individual. It is his commitment to having you be the best that you can be that makes a coaching conversation with him provoking and challenging and also incredibly supportive. He has a great skill in getting behind the content and right into the meaning of what is being said allowing me to take ownership to create new possibilities and choices regardless of the coaching topic.’  

Sarah, Commercial Director, (FTSE 100 Consumer Goods company)

'Rajan is a great friend whom I trust implicitly. Although not formally coached by him, I always find our conversations to be a valuable and developmental experience. He is amazingly insightful and sensitive and draws on a wealth of experience and passion for meaningful relationship building. I have never met with him without feeling valued and affirmed, as well as receiving valuable insight and wisdom into issues I am currently dealing with. He certainly possess a special ability to motivate and to engender self-exploration in meaningful ways.’

Major Ray Irving, UK Director of Social Services, The Salvation Army

‘When you work with Rajan you can always guarantee his passion and commitment to helping you and that you will have fun. He'll challenge you by having you think about the issues in new ways, you begin to expect the unexpected is right around the corner. It's always a unique and energising experience.'

Ian Vale, Management Services Coordinator, PEN Kenya 

'Having practised NLP for over 20 years, the business of finding a coach to coach the coach is no easy matter. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to call upon Rajan whenever I need a head, heart and gut that I trust just as readily and completely as my own. Were I to sum up Rajan in three words they would be congruent, holistic and perceptive.’ 

Russell D'Avilar, Coach for Behavioural Change in Ex-Offenders

‘Rajan brings a unique synthesis of styles to his coaching ranging from the serious to the fun. He is able to identify with a wide spectrum of issues/challenges that he brings from personal experiences of his life. He is able to give one a real sense of wanting to address ones own issues in a positive way. He brings himself to the coaching session and gives unreservedly without telling, only being curious.’ 

James, National Human Resources Director, (Commercial Retail Sector)

‘Rajan is super-effective in helping me sort through the masses of my busy life, to find the nub of the issue. This always has an enormously powerful effect in helping remove barriers to a clear path forward. He has a particularly gentle and empowering way of achieving this too… which I would struggle to describe, but highly recommend to people to experience for themselves! His coaching style draws on his extraordinary ability to retain detail, and to make connections between motivations and experiences drawn from across various points in my world as an individual. This results in very well founded insights which are exceptionally helpful and immediately strike a chord, providing real confidence in taking the right next step or path to follow. His input makes a huge difference to my life, helping me to contribute more to the things I feel passionate about, and carefully removing the elements which get in the way.’  

Jane, Fundraising Technical Specialist, (Global International Charity) 

Trustee of small international advocacy charity; Founder & Director of fair trade social businesses

‘Rajan is a small but perfectly formed coach (of six seats or more). He is so annoyingly good and keeps remembering what I have said to him, often repeating it back to me. This has the effect of making me think - something that I am starting to enjoy greatly. I have been making a number of real changes to my life lovingly assisted by Rajan and I continue to make great progress. I will be unleashing my new self on the new role I have which Rajan helped confirm for me. I will be all the better for his patience, persistence and considerable skill as a coach and NLP practitioner. My family all appreciate Rajan's coaching as well as I become one of them again.’ 

David, Senior Manager, Public Sector

'Apart from being one of the most generous individuals I know, Rajan is a force to be reckoned with. He is a great listener, is incredibly insightful, patient and highly intelligent. You might think this super man would trip over his own ego, but he doesn't.  Rajan gives 100% commitment and with great skill, conviction and a healthy dollop of humour, he is simply everything and more you could ever wish for in a coach.'
Sheila Caie, Independent Social Worker and Consultant, Public Sector

'Rajan has been a loyal friend for more than 20 years, but be warned he has a cunning sense of humour which can be let loose at any time. He cares deeply about people. Rajan is one of the most thoughtful people you will meet. Supporting others is at the heart of his value system and I would not hesitate to put my trust in him. Rajan has a passion for helping others define their path to success and has invested in his personal development to become an outstanding coach. He is a man to be trusted at all times unless, perhaps, when you are at the mercy of his sense of humour ;-) ' 

Julian Dixon, Vice President Strategy and Operations, Pharmaceuticals
(Friend for more than 20 years, and many more to come)

'Any self-doubt withers in the face of Rajan's relentless questioning, prodigious memory for conversations, good humour, and implicit faith in those he coaches. There is no better tonic than a session with Rajan: oh that it could be distilled and bottled!'

Richard Williams, Consultant/Researcher, UK/EU Asylum and Migration 

'Rajan is a calm and capable coach. He has the knack of holding what is best for the child, siblings and the parent all at the same time. He is a great listener, who often remembers important things I have already forgotten. I always feel heard, supported and encouraged by Rajan. By the end of our conversation I am calmer, feeling better about my parenting skills and ready to step back into the fray of family life again, knowing what my next actions and goals will be. Rajan's intelligence, integrity and humour shine throughout the coaching session' 
Jane, Parent Coach, Trainer & Facilitator, single parent of three sons. 

‘I’m not formally a coaching client of Rajan’s but I know his abilities and whenever we meet I come away with plenty to think through – new ideas, new perspectives. He is highly perceptive, thoughtful and manipulative in the nicest, most supportive way possible. I’m happy to recommend him as someone who is well worth talking to.’

James Smith, Co-Founder, The School for Social Entrepreneurs and UnLtd

'In many ways to lead is to seek. To encourage someone to go somewhere new, one has to sense that there is somewhere new to go. In this respect Rajan is an excellent companion for anyone looking to go on a journey, and he has been a great help to me in setting up the Naranjo Institute. He has three important gifts to share: a great sensibility for our too human difficulties, a thirst for the growth needed to overcome them, and the energetic faith that it is worth the effort.'

Charles Keck, Director, The Naranjo Institute

'With sensitive and good skills in listening and observing, Rajan picked up what I seem to have missed in living my life and repeating my everyday unconscious patterns. His natural curiosity helped me to reflect and reach deeper to make the changes in our sessions. Rajan helped me to stretch and grow for that extra mile and not slip away. I highly recommend Rajan's coaching in helping you to develop your own new ways of being more successful in life/ at work.' 

Patrick V, CEO, Shift You, Stockholm - Sweden

‘Following each coaching session I've had with Rajan, I've felt enlightened about issues and patterns which I'd previously considered to be either unsolvable or ingrained. Discussing work or life with him is not heavy; he's never fazed or judgmental, and simply highlights the fact that I can make changes after all, just by looking at things differently and being truer to myself. It's practical, positive and forward-looking. Every single session I've had has been helpful.'  

Helen Ward, Copywriter 

'Rajan's capacity for listening and remembering everything you tell him should not be underestimated. I have worked with him over the last twenty years - and he has remembered every conversation we have had. The challenge in this is that you forget what you have told him and end up wondering how on earth he could know such things. The plus side is that he gets to understand you, your motivations in life and how you have developed as a person. This makes him an excellent coach - I know because he coaches me as well!'

Bernie Morgan, Entrepreneur

‘The quality of Rajan’s active listening is unrivaled. He succeeds in allowing you to feel that you have worked it all out yourself - it’s amazingly empowering, but without feeling amazing at all - far too organic a process for anything like wonderment to surface (except with hindsight).’  

Janet Browning, Former Director, Citizens Advice East Region

'Rajan is the kind of person that will always listen, then give his opinion. BUT...if you expect an opinion that is just nice - in other words, the opinion you want to hear - you will be disappointed. Because his opinion or advice is honest, and sometimes not what you want to hear then and there. But... you will find that his opinion or advice is the right one. The one you will benefit from. And in the end - that is what matters.' 

Jannicke Rosenberg-Plyhn, Screenwriter and Film Producer, Oslo - Norway

‘Conversations with Rajan are often annoying. He remembers tiny details from years ago which makes you feel like you are important. Those details as reflected back to you somehow then become the crux of the matter. I come away from our conversations feeling like I can take on the world.’  

Katy Murray, Trainer, Facilitator, Coach - Director, KatyCatalyst

‘I felt as though I had suddenly remembered everything that I believed in. I hadn't realised at all how difficult it can be to hold on to your values in a tricky world where not everyone shares them (not that they necessarily should - each to his own and all that). Nor had I realised that I had let go of them and that that was the problem. My beliefs had been tarnished by so many different factors - from the cynicism of others to general busy-ness to a lack of self-confidence (yes, really.) So I met up with you feeling undervalued, but not really aware of the extent to which I had begun to feel that I was unworthy of being valued. And I left feeling valuable again, re-armed with my beliefs, and newly armed with positive ways to make a difference to my own situation. And that was just in half an hour.’ 

Ruth, Script Editor, National Television Company

'Us sensitive creative know, the obsessive 'eccentric' dreamers who every so often bring down a little gem...the ones who can so easily get overwhelmed...we need Rajan, the enormously resourceful wise fool, who'll remind us of our elegance...thank you Rajan, my dear friend.'

Steve Coe, internationally successful hit songwriter and one of the pioneers of world music

ʻRajan is very effective in recognizing and pursuing inconsistencies in expressed perceptions and assumptions. This has been amazingly helpful to me in revealing and then addressing long-standing but detrimental issues which were eroding my confidence and holding me back.ʻ  

Ranjini, Designer 

‘Verve&Values is a wonderful way to encompass not only Rajan’s approach to coaching but also, from my experience of him, his approach to life. He has an unwavering enthusiasm, curiosity and passion for the art of self-directed improvement, enabled in others through an understanding of their values. I was going to say that I have never been coached by Rajan… but then I really don’t believe that to be true. With Rajan it’s sometimes difficult to tell. Verve and values is his approach to his friends as much as I imagine to his clients. In casual conversation I always leave a little further forward and clearer in understanding myself.’ 

Kevin Wort, Director, Leadership Trainer Ltd

'Rajan is an insightful person who brings a fresh, vivid view to everything really. I have been lucky in that he has helped me informally over the last 24 years, offering friendship and support when it is most needed. In a subtle way he inspires me to move forward: how he does this I'm not sure, but it works!' 

Louise O'Dwyer, Connexions

‘Rajan reminded me recently that I had said he was “irritating” in a coaching session......and he is, in the nicest possible way. He reminds me of what I’ve said (and what my goal is), asks exactly the right question (the DIFFICULT one!) at the right time and his intuition is quite spooky. Every session moves me forward and brings new insights and it is all done with scrupulous care, absolute attention, affection and FUN. Even if you didn’t know you needed a coach you need Rajan and if you did .....what are you waiting for? Go for it!’ 

Judith, Trainer and Coach

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